Deep Inside of You

Inside   Parts of Me   

I was never one of those kids who blasted their music. I wasn’t outgoing. I didn’t raise my hand or ask for help. I silently roamed the halls. When I skipped school I went for walks, didn’t party. Did drugs by myself. Watched movies by myself. Kept to myself.

Still do. It’s better this way.

— 2 days ago with 1 note
#self  #adolesence 

I’ll never be over you. Not even the day I die. When my spirit leaves my body, it will roam unknown plains in search of you. Alone in this world and the next.

— 6 days ago
#m  #the great ache 

Really tired of being thrown aside.

if you wanrt me: STAY

if you don’t: LEAVE

— 6 days ago

I think i’m actually giving up on you.

It feels like death.

— 1 week ago

I hate hearing about you. I miss you too much.

(stop hurting)

— 1 week ago

I feel like ripping out my soul. For those who feel things on such a deep and spiritual level such as I, that’s a really big deal. The soul is the most important part of your being. Its your spirit and core. All your love. I want to feel nothing. I want to be pure evil and do only bad wrong terrible things and not worry or feel guilt. I don’t want to feel the great ache any longer. I don’t think I can bare it. I think this time I am not stronger than the storm that swells inside me. I don’t want to feel you.

— 1 week ago
#m  #my darkness  #dark passenger  #love  #depression  #heartbreak  #the great ache